👉Learn How to Create a Single-Tier, Two-Tier or Multi-Tier Affiliate Program For Your E-commerce Website!

No Programming Skills Required!

What You'll Learn?

You’ll learn how to create a single-tier, Two-tier or multi-tier affiliate program for your E-commerce website.

What is Single-Tier Affiliate Program?

A single-tier affiliate program is a type of affiliate marketing program where affiliates are rewarded for driving traffic, leads, or sales to the merchant or advertiser. In a single-tier program, affiliates earn commissions for the actions of the customers they refer directly. There is only one level of commission, and affiliates do not earn additional commissions for the actions of sub-affiliates or other tiers.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Affiliate Promotion: Affiliates promote products or services of a merchant through unique affiliate links.

  2. Tracking: The affiliate links have unique tracking codes that allow the merchant to attribute any resulting sales or leads to a specific affiliate.

  3. Commission: Affiliates earn a commission for each sale, lead, or other predefined action generated through their referral.

What is Two-Tier or Multi-Tier Affiliate Program?

A Two-Tier or Multi-tier affiliate program is a type of affiliate marketing program where affiliates are not only rewarded for the sales or leads they generate directly, but also for the sales or leads generated by affiliates they have recruited into the program. This creates multiple levels or tiers of commissions.

In a traditional affiliate program, affiliates earn a commission for each sale or action that can be directly attributed to their marketing efforts. In a multi-tier affiliate program, affiliates also earn a commission for the activities of the affiliates they refer to the program.

Here’s a simplified example to illustrate how it works:

  • Tier 1: You (the initial affiliate) promote a product and earn a commission for sales generated through your unique affiliate link.
  • Tier 2: You recruit another affiliate, Affiliate B. When Affiliate B makes sales through their unique affiliate link, you earn a smaller commission based on those sales as a reward for bringing Affiliate B into the program.